2019 Next-Generation Pharmacist

The program’s top honor, the Next-Generation Pharmacist is selected from among the winners of the pharmacist categories and is awarded to the pharmacist who is defining the future of pharmacy by his or her uncompromising vision for a specific pharmacy or for the pharmacy industry overall. The winner in this category must be a licensed pharmacist.

Daniel Fuchs
Dick’s Pharmacy, Fuchs Family Pharmacies

Source of Inspiration

My father established, owned, and operated Dick’s Pharmacy in Twin Falls, Idaho, in 1975 after practicing pharmacy for 15 years. I was able to witness his positive contribution to health care in our community, and that inspired me to pursue a career in pharmacy.

Greatest Achievements

Along with my brothers, I founded and am the managing partner of K2RED LLC, which owns 9 pharmacies and has 120 employees. My wife (also a pharmacist) and I were co-recipients of the 2019 Professional Achievement Award from Idaho State University College of Pharmacy. Our 3 children also chose to become pharmacists.

Personal Philosophy

My philosophy is to hire good, trustworthy pharmacists and entrust them with managing our pharmacies as their own.

Vision for Pharmacy

I would like to see the profession of pharmacy continue to move toward expanded prescriptive authority with a reimbursement system from 3rd party payers for this service. Pharmacists are qualified, in many situations, to independently prescribe and should be able to bill for these valuable services.