2021 Next-Generation Pharmacist

The program’s top honor, the Next-Generation Pharmacist is selected from among the winners of the pharmacist categories and is awarded to the pharmacist who is defining the future of pharmacy by his or her uncompromising vision for a specific pharmacy or for the pharmacy industry overall. The winner in this category must be a licensed pharmacist.

pharmacy times ngp 2021 winner

Angela D. Adams, Central Florida Pharmacy Council

Source of Inspiration

As a young child growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, I was inspired by the caring nature of a community pharmacist, fondly referred to in the neighborhood as “Doc”. He owned the Oak Drug Store and was well respected and trusted by my parents and often was our family’s first stop for minor health ailments.

Greatest Achievements

My greatest achievement in pharmacy has been creating culturally appropriate health education programs that serve as a tool in eliminating healthcare inequities and disparities. These programs empower underserved populations to become proactive and advocates in the management of their health.

Personal Philosophy

I believe in order to teach people and expect them to learn, I must gain their trust and respect, eliminate barriers and be willing to meet them where they are. It is important that I approach people with an open mind. Each day brings us unique opportunities to teach and also to learn.

Vision for Pharmacy

Pharmacy will continue to shift towards wellness care and disease prevention as our society has demands for greater health care access and convenience. This was evident with the onset of the COVID- 19 pandemic, vaccine treatments and the critical role that pharmacists played in providing education and access.